Roger Bachour
Roger Bachour Roger Bachour is the founder and President of Accelerated Physical Therapy. Roger has a BS in Health and Physical Education from Bob Jones University in 1988, and a BS in Physical Therapy from the University of South Carolina in 1992. He has always worked in the private practice setting as a staff physical therapist and as a clinic director, before starting Accelerated Physical Therapy in 2000. Roger is also the professional advisor for the Pre-Physical Therapy program at Bob Jones University where he also treats patients two days per week.

In his many years of experience, Roger has treated almost every orthopedic musculoskeletal injury. His main focus has been on using a complete biomechanical approach to evaluating and treating the patient. This approach has allowed him to treat the root problems and not just the symptoms. Roger treats a high number of athletes. His background in sports and being an ex-soccer player/coach, gives him greater understanding of what level of function the athlete needs to return to. He has guided seven local High school and club teams to state championships and has helped many players move on to the collegiate level.

The area he's most known for now is perhaps a foot specialty. Over the last several years he has focused his training on the lower extremities and specifically the foot. Roger has perfected the fabrication of custom orthotics (shoe inserts), and he has had great success in treating foot problems. Some of the foot problems he has treated are: Metatarsalgia or ball of foot pain, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, pes planus or flat feet, rigid painful feet, shin splints and many other foot conditions.

Active in the community and his local church, Roger is also a member of American Physical Therapy Association, the Sports Medicine and Private Practice sections of the APTA.