Our mission is to provide a more personal approach to rehabilitation allowing greater communication both with the patient and the physician.


Sports Performance Enhancement

•    Titleist Performance Institute Certified
•    Golf specific physical evaluation and video           analysis
•    Strength, flexibility, and balance training
•    Sports specific training
•    Agility and plyometrics
•    Functional return to sports testing

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Custom Orthotics and Lower Extremities Evaluation

•    Gait and video analysis
•    Lower extremities biomechanical evaluation
•    Custom orthotics fabrication
•    Footwear recommendation
•    Bracing

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Post Surgical

•    Hip, knee, and shoulder replacement
•    Post-fracture management and ORIF
•    Post-arthroscopies
•    Shoulder, knee, and ankle reconstruction
•    Cervical and lumbar surgeries

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