Sports Specific Rehabilitation
•    Strength, speed, agility, and balance enhancement
•    Soccer, golf, tennis, and other sport specific training
•    Bracing
Spine Program
•    Neck & back pain
•    Spine mobilization & stabilization
•    Postural & core training
Titleist Performance Institute Certified (Roger Bachour, PT)
•    Golf specific physical evaluation
•    Swing video analysis
•    Strength, flexibility, and balance training
•    Home exercise program
Foot Care Program
•    Gait analysis and footwear recommendation.
•    custom orthotics
•    Post surgical intervention
•    Plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, tarsal tunnel, etc.
Geriatric Program
•    Fall prevention program
•    Osteoporosis prevention and rehabilitation
•    Home safety recommendations
•    Functional return to sports testing
•    FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation)
•    Isokinetic testing
•    KT-1000 Testing (ACL & PCL)
Chronic Pain Program
•    Myofascial & trigger point release